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2013 Predictions by Jessica Murray

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The most important transit of our era, the Uranus-Pluto square, has begun to peak, with a period of exactitude of 2012-2015. In 2013 we will experience two of these exactitudes: one on May 20th and the other on November 1st. Astrologers expect the intensity of the global vibration to spike for several weeks on either side of these peak dates. This is a rare configuration, and its rarity is a signal of its profundity.

The last time these two slow-moving planets had a similar rendezvous was in the mid-sixties, a time of intense, rapid reform and upheaval. Uranus is about revolution and Pluto is about the breakdown of obsolete systems. In 2013 these two will continue to express themselves in weather and telluric activity as well as disrupting governmental and other social institutions.

Much has been written about the transit’s correspondence with economic instability (Capricorn has to do with monetary systems and government) and revolutionary movements worldwide (Uranus governs democracy, Aries asserts itself with volatile, impulsive acts). And as we know, since the transit began to peak, in mid-2012, populist uprisings have spread from the Arab world to Asia, including increasing protests in China.

In 2013 the charts of China, Russia and the USA will be increasingly destabilized by Uranus and Pluto. The reconfigured Chinese government will continue to be harassed by the issues of censorship of the internet, the repression of dissenters, and the suppression of Tibetan culture, as it struggles to cope with its pressing ethical, political, environmental and economic contradictions. China’s ambivalent role as a consumer market for Western products will be a major theme, as will its competition with the USA for control over what’s left of the world’s oil.

The corruptions of the Putin regime in Russia will likely continue to ignite mass protests, as power struggles block constructive reform at the top and grievance grows in the general population.

The Uranus-Pluto square’s passage over the US (Sibly) chart is exposing the cracks in its economic infrastructure. Jupiter’s conjunction of the American Uranus (the planet of democracy) on and off throughout 2013 should fuel a spirited debate about people’s needs vs. the needs of big business. Jupiter, which governs growth, will raise fundamental questions about the plausibility of an economic system based on limitless growth in a world that is running out of oil and other conventional-fuel resources. This transit plus that of Neptune in Pisces suggests that the issue of water will claim more and more attention, as people realize the global population is putting demands on water supplies threatened by global warming.

In 2013 astrologers expect an intensification of the clashes between conflicting segments of America’s self-avowedly classless society, with the haves and have-nots taking off the gloves. The national conversation will continue to focus upon the transfer of wealth upwards to a small number of financial players, supported by the lobby system and the Citizens United ruling, which will continue to come under fire. Student loan debt may become the next big domestic economic crisis.

Geopolitically, 2013 will see American pundits beginning to confront the question of whether Uncle Sam will be able to continue its role as a global superpower. In the coming year the most dramatic jockeying for the hyper-power crown may be in Asia, with the rivalry heating up between China and India.

The situation in Afghanistan will continue to be a hot spot, less because of religious or even political reasons than for geostrategic and economic ones. Whatever the official stories that Washington spins for the public, Afghanistan’s power lies, now as in the past, in its geography as a trade route. A stabilized Afghanistan would allow India, for example, to travel across Central Asia, with the result that the Indian economy would surge exponentially and shift the power balance among economies worldwide.

Uranus in Aries (fire) and Pluto in Capricorn (earth) have the cosmic function of shaking and destabilizing that which has grown toxic and non-life-affirming in the world. The extreme conditions humanity is experiencing right now are symptomatic of a global status quo that needs extreme healing. The events of the coming year are not about doing harm so much as creatively disrupting our collective complacency.

About Jessica Murray

Astrologer and writer Jessica Murray brings to light the spiritual underpinnings that shape both the personal and collective experience of our time. At Brown University in the 1970s Jessica studied fine arts and Jungian psychology. She has been practicing astrology in San Francisco for more than 35 years. She can be reached through her website, MotherSky.com, which features a monthly skywatch, blog, and downloadable lectures; including a series on the transformational years between now and 2023.


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