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Predictions for 2013 by Paul Minar

2013 “Seeing Beyond”Predictions by Paul Minar, AIN

Master Numerologist & Author,
"Numbers, The Energy Forces in Your Name"

LOVE is the key word for 2013. These four numbers, 2013, reduce to a 6, which is the number of LOVE, SERVICE, RELATIONSHIPS, and HUMANITARIAN OUTREACH. We have completed the 5 energies of 2012 and that number represents FREEDOM ,CHANGE, FLEXIBILITY, INVESTIGATION, EXPANSION. It also has to do with the five senses and sensuality. Numbers have two meanings, positive and negative, and their final interpretation depends entirely on FREE WILL. Perhaps the most noticeable aspect of the 5 in 2012 has been the misunderstanding and misapplication of the meaning of FREEDOM. There was rioting and violence in the streets in the Middle East as thousands of people demonstrated to demand their basic freedoms, and dictators witheld that freedom, claiming their right to determine what was best for their country. They refused to recognize that CHANGE was now needed by their subjects, and they stubbornly refused to demonstrate their own FLEXIBILITY. They wanted INVESTIGATION in the form of nuclear power development for weaponry and EXPANSION only of their own personal powers. We saw blatant sensuality around the world on television, in movies, print media and commercials. Sex trafficking of adults and especially children received worldwide attention and also condemnation. In America the presidential election of 2012 was a shouting contest between conservatives and liberals, each claiming to express the will of the people, in the most extravagantly expensive campaign in political history. The number 5 is supposed to create a meaningful platform to launch the energies of the number 6, 7, 8 and 9 in this cycle but instead produced a mixture of positive and negative outcomes, depending on your own perspective.

2013 will be a great test of LOVE versus HATE, and hopefully we will see progress in the Middle East because of the results of skillful negotiations and diplomacy on the part of the United States. I believe that the majority of people are basically good and want PEACE and HARMONY and the reason is that we all carry a spiritual form of DNA that COMPELS us to behave in a manner that reflects the DIVINE nature of our Creator. It is our spiritual blueprint. Television has visually shown the world the compassion demonstrated by celebrities, entertainers and people of all walks of life who went out of their way to raise money and other donations for victims of natural disasters all over the world, as well as victims of hunger, disease opression and poverty. This is HUMANITARIANISM, COMPASSION and LOVE in action. The negative side of the 6 will be seen in acts of SELFISHNESS, DOMINANCE, SELF INDULGENCE and CRUELTY around the world. But we saw the incredible sacrifices made by students in our schools and a movie theatre when they gave their lives to bring the world’s attention to the insanity of mass killings by deranged individuals, so that finally politicians are forced to sit down and debate the issues regarding gun control and the mental health of people who purchase rapid fire weapons normally associated with military use. Spiritually speaking, these little angels, as young as six and seven, actually volunteered to make this sacrifice prior to incarnating, because they were all old souls who are part of those advanced souls who are committed to serving their fellow beings in any way they can. I truly believe they did not suffer at the moment of their deaths because God made it possible for them to leave their earthly bodies moments before that horrible event as a reward for their sacrifice. We saw an incredible outpouring of LOVE from all over the world following their deaths, proof that human COMPASSION far outweighs selfishness and indifference.

RADICAL WEATHER PATTERNS will continue in 2013. Mother Earth has to make adjustments to correct the pollution, industrial and human, that we have perpetrated on her for too many years, not to mention the plundering of forests and other natural resources. The oceans are warmer now and that has upset the balance of all ecosystems. Underwater electronic and vibrational testing have caused confusion among the species of fish, greatly affecting their navigational mechanisms. Atomic and nuclear testing on the surface and interior of the planet have greatly affected the natural well- being of this living entity. All of the interior drilling for oil and gas has left huge empty caverns and the oil damage caused by oil spills has affected far more than surface pollution. Look for more earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and droughts worldwide. Coastal water levels will continue to rise. Watch for more volcanic activity, even in America. Dry forests will again combine with electrical storms to produce devastating fires that will destroy many homes. The best way for us all to change these radical weather patterns, besides stopping the abuses of this great living planet, is to THINK POSITIVE THOUGHTS and VISUALIZE the planet as the beautiful and vibrant paradise that it once was. The earth will respond in kind.

THE ECONOMY will continue its slow recovery in this country but we will be affected by economies around the world as well. The central issue will again be JOBS. Until manufacturers and corporations can accept the concept of a COMPASSIONATE CAPITALISM American jobs can not be restored to their former level of productivity and wages until this concept is adopted, and most of those that are restored, at least in the near future, will offer low-paying positions. Noticeable improvement in the economy won’t be seen until the year 2015, when the Universal Number 8 will begin to show some real financial progress. 2016 will provide a completion of many financial goals of the Obama administration and 2017 will see a NEW BEGINNING and a NEW CYCLE of financial activity for the world. President Obama behaves the way he does in great measure because he is the REINCARNATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN and though he is not consciously aware of it, his whole personality and demeanor is a reflection of that great President, and of the vision for America shared by both of them, and by other political leaders who are able to place TRUTH and TOLERANCE before political considerations and constituents who refuse to accept compromise as a necessary path to progress.

Finally, as an eternal optomist, I do believe that the wheels of progress are slowly grinding forward, despite the negativity expressed in the violence, chaos and intolerance surrounding us. Role models are beginning to emerge in all cultures and will be more evident as the children of the 70s , 80s, 90s and New Millenium take their place as leaders in education, the corporate world, health and human services programs, medicine, environmental programs, research, and the military services. Our children are our future and will bring a spirit of COMMON SENSE and the COMMON GOOD to America, and that includes the core reason for our not being able to find COMMON GROUND for the citizensof our diverse culture, and that is RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE. When we are finally able to not only walk in each others shoes but understand the origin of our diverse ways of thinking then we will begin to express the intention of our Founding Fathers when they created the words “WE THE PEOPLE”. Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., the great Justice of the Supreme Court, wrote of the Constitution, “It is an experiment, as all life is an experiment”. The outcome is unknown and ongoing, but the success of a life, like that of our Constitution, depends on our willingness to GIVE OF OURSELVES.

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