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2013 Predictions by Steffan Vanel

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Predictions for 2013

Well we made it past December 21, 2012. What’s next? Well for all of you ‘apocalyptics’ I am predicting 2014 to be when it really hits. My reasoning? Well, for those of you who read my predictions for last year, or have been receiving my newsletters, know that the big Astrological events going on between 2012 and 2015 are the seven squares between Pluto and Uranus.

Astrologers have viewed this approaching period with some trepidation. As I stated last year:

Pluto and Uranus have already been within orb of this square for some time and this sudden, aggressive overthrow of entrenched structures that have outlived their purpose, or the violent counter-attack of those structures, is apparent in various successes and failures of the Arab Spring, as well as the Occupy Wall Street movements.

Of course these squares are likely to be hitting something in your own chart. For a hint on that I would like to finish with a couple quotes by Astrologer Alan Oken. At a lecture he gave in Seattle this year he said that Pluto says: Change…or die! To which Uranus says: ‘Yeah, right!’

profoundly dedicated to change and transformation. But when I asked Alan about the upcoming Pluto/Uranus squares he said: “Well, just because Pluto and Uranus like each other doesn’t necessarily mean that they are going to like you!”

As Hilarion says regarding Pluto:

The planet Pluto in Astrology pertains to that which brings changes into the life – changes in attitude, changes in outlook, changes in the approach to certain areas. The changes indicated by Pluto in the chart are unavoidable and can be absolutely counted on to take place. In the case of most individuals, the changes come about “by force”, i.e. they are resisted by the individual and must be rammed home by the implacable and irresistible force of events. When resistance is shown to such changes, the experiences are inevitably harder and more painful than they would have been if the individual had “seen the writing on the wall” as it were, and had voluntarily stepped in the direction in which the events were trying to move him. –Astrology Plus by Hilarion/M.B. Cooke

Now we have already been through the first two squares, in June and September, although the orb of influence started much earlier.

Personally I was expecting the turmoil to be much worse.

But now I have a new perspective on these squares. In the first square Uranus was moving direct, but Pluto was moving retrograde (backwards as viewed from the Earth). So Pluto was moving back over material that was already in play.

In September Pluto was moving direct and Uranus was moving retrograde.

There will be two more squares in 2013, but one or another of these two planets will again be seen to be moving backwards at the time of the square. But in 2014 they will square each other while both are moving forwards. This is when ‘all bets are off,’ or when very new and deeply transformative energies will be relapsed on the planet.

Now if you have these earlier squares hitting some sensitive spots in your chart you are definitely being majorly challenged to, Pluto like, ‘Change or die’ combined with Uranian ‘Yeah right’ energies, even if one of these planets was retrograde at the time, and I don’t see next year being any easier for the individual/nations having that kind of direct influence.

Nonetheless, 2013 looks like a fairly positive one for the United States. Except for a final Uranus square to the Jupiter in the U.S. chart in February, the rest of the year shows all positive outer planet transits to the U.S. birthchart. I sense that the economy will continue to improve and maybe even the politicians will learn how to get along better.

Positive transits don’t always indicate that challenging traumas won’t be occurring. For example, in this present time period Barack Obama has had Pluto harmonizing with his natal Neptune at the same time that Saturn has been conjuncting it.

Normally I would say that Saturn would be helping him to really own and be responsible for his ability to engender Neptunian compassion, faith and healing. Pluto would be deepening that same Neptunian compassion, faith and healing, as well as putting that Neptunian compassion, faith, and healing in attunement and service to societal transformation.

Now with all of those positive energies at play I would never have predicted that it would manifest by his having to console a nation, and be willing to take on the NRA and the Gun Industry in the aftermath of the Newtown, Connecticut tragedy.

These positive transits for Obama continue into next year, although in March Obama will be feeling some emotional vulnerability that may involve his home and family. This will peak again in September and again in early January’14. In October – December he starts to feel some Saturnian restriction and limitations, especially upon his ability to confidently lead the nation.

The really challenging transits approaching Obama’s chart begin in April of 2014, about the same time that Pluto challenges the very soul, essence and identity of the United States. But we have a year to prepare for that.

I’ve also looked at the charts of some of the ‘hot spot’ nations on the planet, notably North Korea, Israel, Iran, and Pakistan.

North Korea looks like they will be dealing with some admission of the suffering within their own homeland and perhaps needing some outside support in the fall.

Pakistan has been dealing with a lot of Plutonian tension on their propensity to see themselves, indeed experiencing themselves as Neptunian victims or martyrs. Next year Uranus adds to this tension, hence there could be even more, sudden, impulsive reactions within the population there, although some of that could be perceived as coming from outside the nation.

Israel was born only one year later than Pakistan so she too is coming into some major Uranus/Pluto tension on her Neptune. So, again, a high propensity for experiencing/ reacting out of the victim/victimizer program. It looks especially tense for her in May and June.

And, the Islamic Republic of Iran which was born with a Sun/Pluto opposition will have Pluto squaring her Sun in February, at the end of May and in December, with Uranus conjuncting her Sun in May, September, and March of 2014. Clearly May/June is also a very tense period for Iran as well as for Israel.

Iran has her Sun in Aries of which the Ascended Master Hilarion* says:


We have said that Aries has an abundance of energy available to it. This energy is, in effect, a kind of reward or gift to the Aries individual resulting from acts of courage in past incarnations, when thoughts of self-interest were set aside in order to come to the aid of another. In a sense, the gift is internal rather than external because the very act of courageously facing danger in order to help another person automatically taps deeply into an inexhaustible source of energy, and the soul gains a permanent link with this source of energy. But with every gift comes a responsibility. In the case of Aries, the responsibility is to learn to handle this increased energy so that it does not harm others or the self through aggressive expression and violent behaviour.

So controlling that aggressive Aries energy is likely to be a major issue for Iran next year.

Meanwhile the U.S. will have, as I said earlier, mostly positive transits next year. Most of them involve positive, serious engagements with our allies, so I don’t think domestic issues will be as strong as they were this year and the year before There could be some Uranian surprise, unique technological, innovative breakthrough occurring in April, June or August.

It is hard to imagine these intense transits hitting some of those other nations and it not having an effect upon the U.S. as well. Again, when all of this intensity seems to really ‘come home’ for the U.S. is in 2014. So 2013 is a good time to ‘batten down the hatches’ as it were.

Good Luck and Blessings in the New Year,

Steffan Vanel

I am quoting material channeled from the Ascended Master Hilarion and published in the book ‘Astrology Plus’ which is now or will soon be available as an EBook.

About Steffan Vanel

Steffan Vanel is the author of The Astrological Karma of the USA, and: Charles & Diana: The Inside Story: An Astrological-Karmic View. He is known internationally for his unique synthesis of Astrology, the Tarot, Kabbalah, and Jungian Psychology. He is a primary exponent of the Karmic Astrology channeled from the Ascended Master Hilarion. Steffan does short readings for immediate answers to specific questions/decisions as well as in-depth psychological/spiritual-karmic readings. He publishes articles of timely interest on his website: www.spiritualcompany.com and sends out an email newsletter. 



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