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2014 Predictions by Joy Metcalfe

Rainbow Lotus  


The focus of 2014 is on relationships and their place in our hearts.

In contrast to 2013 when the focus was on the self and there were many opportunities for us to gain a greater understanding of who we are and what our soul truths are, 2014 is all about how we relate to others.

Are we being truthful in our relationships? Are we communicating effectively? Are we being considerate and aware of our affects on those around us? Our patterns of connecting will be highlighted and any dynamics that are judged dysfunctional will have an opportunity to be cleared and healed.

On a global level this dynamic will play out in how we are relating to the Earth - to our animals, to our neighbors and to our money, power and freedom.

In fact anything that you can think of that involves an interplay of energy and consciousness will be highlighted for review in 2014.

This is the year to look at how you are in your relationship to the world around you, in order to best change what needs to be changed and to support what needs to be maintained.

Consequently, we will continue to see various countries rising up against their perceived oppressors, creating the opportunity for a greater dialog and hopefully a healing concerning freedom VS existing powers that be

The Fukushima Radiation debacle will continue to be a problem forcing us to review our connections with radiation and nuclear power

Money uncertainty will continue and either enter a stage of greater healing or greater instability depending on actions taken in the first quarter of the New year

Climate change will continue on apace forcing us to review existing policies and to look for better solutions.

In Love and Light

Joy Metcalfe

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