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Predictions for 2014 by Paul Minar

2014 “Seeing Beyond”Predictions by Paul Minar, AIN

Master Numerologist & Author,
"Numbers, The Energy Forces in Your Name"

2014 is a 7 Universal Year for the planet and its inhabitants. The 7 person or project finds success through analysis and introspection,and when the motivation has spiritual overtones, outcomes are more beneficial. This will be a testing year because the events will require faith in God and faith in the basic goodness of humanity. 2013 was the year of human relationship, a contrast between brotherly love and hate. The New Millennium energies are too powerful for some people to handle so we saw mentally disturbed or crazed individuals using weapons meant for military warfare to slaughter innocent children and adults. And yet we saw many people involved in raising money in their own neighborhoods to help the needy, not just large-scale philanthropy. 2014 will unfortunately find a continuation of hateful thoughts and actions.

On a positive note, we can expect significant discoveries and innovations in many technical areas through research, calculation, observation and analysis, involving the specialized fields such as medicine, computer technology, laboratory and statistical work, science and any investigating fields. But also the 7 deals with books, literature, and all lines of education. The 7 is the teacher in any case. This will be the year of using thinking skills, as opposed to physical ones.

Weather patterns will continue to surprise the forecasters, as global warming continues to wreak havoc on land and sea, and as the Northern icebergs melt, raising water levels around the world. Polar bears, sea lions, penguins and other forms of wildlife now find themselves stranded without their usual sources of food supply, their ecosystem disrupted by the warming trend. The ttsunamis, hurricanes, blizzards, tornadoes, avalanches, volcanic activity, torrential rains, floods, and droughts will repeat in 2014. The great debate regarding the cause of global warming will continue as corporations involved in auto emissions and other sources of air pollution refuse to acknowledge that they are the principle cause. This is not a "natural cycle" of warming and, if we don't act immediately we are in danger of suffering the fate of the dinosaurs...annihalation.

The economy will continue its slow recovery, but the middle class will continue to dwindle, as income suffers from entry-level syndrome. Until corporations and congress acknowledge the fact that every worker deserves a "living wage"the gap between rich and poor will continue to widen. The solution is really very simple: Corporations will have to take a little less profit in order to create a new "compassionate capitalism" in America. Corporations do deserve a "fair profit" for their investment, but when greed produces an "excessive" profit margin there is no room for employees to enjoy a "lliving wage", yet the corporate position is that workers pay demands are excessive, that those demands are not compatible with the "free market" world we live in. For the most part large businesses could simply delay their expansion plans, make a little less profit and wait for workers standard of living to improve considerably. It's a moral issue.

Philanthropic contributions by corporations demonstrate their compassion, but some of these contributions can be perceived as self-serving. Those corporations and foundations that are motivated by a genuine desire to help humanity deserve everyone's appreciation. Philanthropy by celebrities who perform concerts on television and touring have always been from the heart, but children and individuals have given of their time and energy to collect small amounts of money that are important also. It's the good intention that counts. It's the love.

Prospects for peace in the Middle East have never been so promising as they are for 2014 because of the spiritual nature of the 7. Efforts to seek peace by both Democrats and Republicans this year can be significant results finally. As usual, the people of all countries do want peace. It's the leadership that fans the flames of unrest for reasons of personal gain and securing their power base. Going back to John F. Kennedy, there has been, and still is, a battle between the president and military leaders and C.I.A, regarding the real necessity of making pre-emptive strikes or involvement in the affairs of other countries...allways in the name of "national security".

Finally, each year, according to its Univversal number, is a stepping stone to the possibilities that are are embedded in the next year. 2014, being a 7 year (adding 2+0+1+4 = 7) means that we are now taking this year to engage in thoughtful consideration and analysis of the emerging fact that all nations benefit by peace, that violence and war are costly, both financially and, most importantly, there is the loss of human life. The 7 will bring a focus internationally on religion and spirituality. The 8 of 2015 will bring a focus on issues of power, of good or bad judgment, a tendency to dominate others. We need to spend the resources available through the 7 energies wisely in 2014. There are no budget restrictions because there is no dollar amount tied to peace and goodwill, and this is the year for the United nations to do what they do best...keep a balance between the super-powers. Shaking hands with the "enemy' (Cuba,) as with our president, whether Democrat or republican, and the leader of any other country, is not a sign of weakness. It is what our Founding Fathers would approve of...if they could be here now.

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