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2014 Predictions by psychic and medium Stacy Appel

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What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. It grows—it must grow; nothing can prevent it. - Mark Twain

Unquestionably, growth is often painful - the breaking of a shell required to bring expanded awareness, a healing which can take much longer than expected, or a long internal labor to bring about a new self.

As a psychic and medium, I have the opportunity to talk with so many involved in the conscious effort of personal growth, some by way of great losses which seemed unendurable, or navigating sudden changes in circumstances which were not at all planned or desired. Still, light seeps in, slowly, unmistakably. Something is synthesized without our orchestrating it. Our humanity deepens.

A few nights ago I was lucky enough to attend a concert of Persian classical music. The audience sat entirely still in the darkness, as if in meditation with the performers. No one whispered to a seat mate, rustled a program or knocked over a Coke bottle, though the atmosphere was informal and relaxed. The unique beauty of the improvisational singing and percussion were hypnotic, especially the melodious strains of the setar, a Persian instrument similar to a lute. Two hours swept by, and all at once the concert was over. The performers took a final bow on the softly lit stage and walked out into the theater to greet their friends and family members. I realized that while I hadn’t understood even a word of the lyrics or poetry, the meaning of the compositions had gone straight to my heart, as if they were prayers said for a young child.

Real insight is so often non-linear. Scientists rely on “happy accidents” as a key factor in innovation; without them we would have no microwaves, x-rays, Superglue, Slinkys, pacemakers, or Velcro. Without Velcro, I would probably never go walking again, since I’m apparently too lazy to lace up my running shoes. On a more personal level, there are also “happy accidents” which interrupt us just when our intellects have flattened our view of the world. Coincidences are a deeply personal conversation, often the surprise answer to a prayer, or the connection to a feeling that magic is loose in the world.

I regularly read translations of poems by the poet and mystic Rumi, and one verse I came across had special meaning for me. In the passage, he explained that at the same time we are looking for our daily bread, our daily bread is seeking us, too. Whether we tirelessly work for it or sit back and wait faithfully, our daily bread will find us.

If you open a fortune cookie, make a secret wish list, walk out on the balcony of the next boring party you go to and look up at the stars, who are often better company, it’s a little easier to remember that something up there is winking at you. Luckily, the daily bread delivery just cannot be figured out. Whatever is divine and hopeful works through music, rocks, roadside stands, kids, clouds, eBay, magazines, sandwiches, dramas large and small, and sometimes, the merest whispers on the wind, meant for you alone.

If you’d like to find out more about your own intriguing journey, concerns, or relationships in 2014, or wish to schedule an afterlife communication session with a person or pet, I hope you’ll contact me for a Second Sight: Extraordinary Reading, in my office, by telephone or at an Expo. You can also find out more about arranging readings for a party, grad night, or event, or purchasing a gift certificate. Skeptics welcome.


About Stacy Appel

Stacy Appel, of Second Sight: Extraordinary Readings, is a professional psychic and medium who provides discriminating readings for clients internationally and teaches Tarot, intuition, and creativity classes.  Her comprehensive reflection readings offer surprisingly accurate information on career and spiritual crossroads, finances, romance and relationships, animal companions, and many other topics, with a specialty in afterlife communication. She has a background in hospice and bereavement care, and her non-fiction articles have appeared in national and regional publications.

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