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Behind the Microphone


Behind the Microphone

It takes a lot of unseen work behind the scenes to make a radio show happen. Though it all seems so easy to the listener, there is a lot more than meets the eye (or, in the case of radio, a lot more than meets the ear).

The Guests

Guests are an important part of any show, and Seeing Beyond guests are the cream of the crop. They are the Pioneers on the Planet, the people who are doing something different to make a difference. Bonnie's guests include people who are nationally recognized as leaders in the fields of personal growth, spirituality, health, and healing.

The guests provide a wide range of information on products, books and services, and many donate items for product sales to benefit the program.


Events are the Seeing Beyond get-togethers that allow you to actually meet Bonnie and some of her guests. These popular functions bring a variety of talent together for an evening of fun and entertainment. Everyone always enjoys Seeing Beyond events!

Our Radio Station

We broadcast Seeing Beyond Monday through Wednesday mornings on KEST, AM 1450. Call our offices for demographics and footprints of the station. 510-501-1803.

The Radio Audience

The Seeing Beyond audience is 68% women who are predominantly college educated professionals. Our audience, male and female, is part of the Cultural Creative segment of the population. They are interested in personal growth, spirituality, metaphysics, alternative health, and the environment. At Seeing Beyond, we do not advocate any particular path, but rather encourage our listeners to explore all possibilities.



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