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2012 Predictions by Kristin Rose

Predictions 2012

Kristin Rose, PhD

The Energies of 2012: A Clean Slate and the Irrelevance of Fear

At last, a clean slate, even if it doesn't feel like it. This year, we will no longer be able to hold ourselves back from creating, from being who we are. A critical mass of consciousness has been reached, to be demonstrated—in spite of any lingering fears—through expression as individuals, in relationships, and through organizational networks.


Many have great expectations about the year 2012. But expectations are no longer relevant in the new energy that is emerging.

As we continue to awaken, we are no longer able to use the jagged edges of the cocoon to define ourselves. At first we may experience this necessary transformation as loss… emptiness… a potential for chaos and fear. But as we surrender to the truth of who we are, we realize that the perception of emptiness is actually the reflection of infinite creative potential.

There will be more room than ever to grow, to fully realize our true being in human form. We are starting over again. And again. Each time we expand there is a newness in that expansion, a new exposure of ever-emerging spirit to human experience. It may first be experienced as a new vulnerability, but fear will no longer have the power it used to have over us. It is rapidly falling to the wayside as the innate foundation of truth becomes more and more obvious to the conscious mind.


The human mind will no longer be able to keep up with the pace of expanding consciousness on earth. This will lead to either overwhelm and breakdown, or release and liberation. Each person will have the opportunity to make the choice for themselves. The realization that we are making a choice is more important than the choice itself, and yet the realization of liberation will soon follow the moment we embrace our accountability.

Those who are sensitive also have another choice to make, as the speed of empathic data continues to accelerate. To allow it to overwhelm you and pull you into the drama of habitual vulnerabilities, or to tap into the true self and allow all else to fall away— this choice offers the opportunity to let go of all that is not you, and allow the real you to emerge.


As the waves of emotion occur, see them for what they are. Each wave has a beginning, a middle, and an end. It is an artifact of human experience that ebbs and flows. If there is a nugget of useful information in an emotional wave, receive it. Then let the wave be on its way, instead of trying so hard to keep it going and seeking comfort in attachment and justification. Allow the wave to move through you with neither denial nor helplessness, and it will take you right into the heart, deeper and deeper each time. This is the true gift of the emotional wave.

On a more macro level, we will find more parallels between weather patterns and planetary events and our own human experiences in thought and emotion. Mother nature will continue to stand tall and strong, unwavering in her own newfound power. Our alignment with that stance will be our key to the golden age—the key to unlocking secrets… to understanding our history, our heritage… to discovering new technologies, new ways to thrive… to bringing to life new connection points around the earth and beyond.


"What is my purpose?" will no longer be the question that drives many of us, but rather, "How can I best contribute right now?" And the ever-present flow of creation that is found in the present moment is also where unity is born into awareness.

As we reconfigure our connections with each other, we may feel a myriad of endings and beginnings, seemingly all at once. Things are happening so fast that we can barely process the emotions anymore, at least not in the old way. The more sensitive you are, the more overwhelming this stage may be, but allow this overwhelm to erode attachments, and refuse to attend to them anymore. As the waves of chaos part to either side of your emerging consciousness, the truth will reveal the heart of your being, wherein lies the presence of true unity.

We are becoming more and more connected with each other and at the same time realizing more and more who we are in terms of unique expression. These may feel like two different things at times, which may lead to fear or questioning of ourselves or others. In reality, being more of who we are and realizing unity are the same thing. With this realization, our heart opens even more deeply, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the knowingness of love… the expression of our true being.


The realization of unity on a broader scale is already taking the form of an emerging consciousness in corporate and other organizational structures. In order for this new level of consciousness to achieve critical mass, old structures must continue to depart, and the new forms must provide practical contributions while embodying balance and sustainability.

Organizational structures that have been built within the old framework will no longer work. They will have to be recast or will crumble. In rebellion against the old value system, the new entrepreneurs are already joining sideways through open, agile networks and dynamic collaborations.

Many of these conscious corporate warriors are rejecting outright the old world structures, but it is important for them to still bring their beautiful ideas and collaborative energies into practical form. Otherwise they do not ground, do not last, do not have lasting impact— and they too eventually fall apart.

Many of these new ventures may at first seem chaotic and disorganized… and yet a strong underlying pulse continues to drive the direction of these creations. This pulse comes directly from the energy of the networks and collaborations that demonstrate love and connection rather than fear and separation—and the ventures that set the tone for the new civilization will demonstrate the ability to express these ideas through productive forms that benefit humanity in a sustainable way.

To optimize this benevolent impact, the new model will allow each connection, one at a time, to specify its need for support, and build a solution for its needs one module at a time in an open framework of dynamic selection. This will make it very difficult for companies to stay separated, as in different cell phone companies with their own networks. These grassroots connections will be compelling the collaboration of more formal networks and higher-level partnerships. Companies will attempt to control these partnerships, but re- creation of the old model will only result in failure once again. Progress and success in the new energy will instead be determined by the ability of these connections to be cultivated… to be made harmonious… to be in the vibration of unity and collaborative productivity in support of ever-evolving life and expanding consciousness.

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Kristin is an Energist and Meta-Consultant who specializes in conscious change. Her work centers around the perception and transmission of energy to connect people and businesses to higher consciousness.

She has crafted her approach out a diverse set of experiences. In the business world, she helps companies to design and implement enterprise-wide transformation initiatives so that people are empowered rather than paralyzed by large-scale change.

She is also a metaphysical healer and guide, offering private sessions as well as workshops, webinars, and teleconferences. Her mission is to inspire people to be who they are, and to equip them with practical tools so that they can expand their consciousness in day-to-day life.


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