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2013 Predictions by Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook


            2013 Predictions by Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook 

            I see this as the year for compassion. Being objective allows us to be “in the world” but “not of the world.” By observing our life; while participating; enables us to fully engage free will and result in a greater freedom of choice. This shift from our head to our heart results in greater peace and love. 2013 highlights a hologram of love. Healing, hope, and happiness are waiting for our arrival.

            Compassion is comprised of both peace and love-- this opens the heart and judgment ceases. Understanding is a major assignment in this coming year--- which brings forgiveness and results in harmony. We are seeing the end of struggle and are coming into our true power.

            We are unraveling old beliefs---- ideas and patterns that no longer serve us well. We are patterning our lives in a more creative way. This conserves time, energy, and resources that will bring about appreciation. We are moving along at such a rapid pace we feel like we are running out of time. Time is playing a very important part in our lives and we are sensing that difference even now.

            By being INSPIRED and INSPIRING others we are that LEGION OF LOVE the world has been longing for. This is the call we have all been waiting for. This is the initiation of a world filled with light, love, peace and abundance.


            Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook

            About Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook:

              Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook is director of Holistic Health Center; a nutritional intuitive, author of five books, has helped thousands reclaim their health and take charge of their lives. Call 1-800-957-4852 for a free evaluation and information.  

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                  Jo-Anne Rohn-Cook

              Holistic Health Center

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