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2013 Predictions by Linda Crose-Andersen

Predictions for 2013

    Prediction for 2013

    By now many of you have stepped out of your comfort zones and have made huge changes in the way you see your life purpose and path in general. Realization has gone through a true evolution. It is time to focus on self and service and what you need to do for yourself to be of service to others. This new found happiness will be crucial for the year to come. This change will bring about a new found peace in each one of us.

    From Archangel Michael:

    Tap into your creativity my children. Write about your thoughts and feelings so that you may express yourself and bring clarity to move forward. Call upon me for all your needs and wants for I am with you always.

    Thanks so much,

    About Linda Crose-Andersen

    Linda Crose-Andersen, a Natural Intuitive, talks about how she specializes in Angel Readings, Celtic Runes and the Tarot. Her high standard of ethics and respect allow her to provide clients with insights into relationships, family, career or any challenge facing them. 



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