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2014 Predictions by Linda Crose-Andersen

Predictions for 2014

    The Angels say the disillusion of what was no longer serves us and that it is now time to take hold of our dreams and live them to the fullest. If you have been looking at education, a new career, or some other modality now is the time to fulfill that dream. The Angels are guiding you through your dreams so listen and pay attention. Through this communication you will find the answer to your prayers. It is important that you put your intention out to the Universe for manifestation. This is an imporatant time for forgiveness. Without letting go of the past we cannot move on to a healthy and abundant future. Give your fears and anger to the Angels. They are all around you lending their support in this process. They want happiness and good things for you. Now is the time to achieve this way of life.

    A Message from Archangel Michael

    It is time to take measures to boost your energy and vitality through a qualified energy healer or through your own education. The more positive energy that is shared will keep the darkness at bay.

    About Linda Crose-Andersen

    Linda Crose-Andersen, a Natural Intuitive and Hypnotherapist, and Founder of the Crose Center for Wellness and Personal Empowerment. She specializes in Angel Readings, Past Life Regression, and inner child work. Her high standard of ethics and respect allow her to provide clients with insights into relationships, family, career or any challenge facing them.  


    Phone: 650-417-1545

    Email: info@crosecenter.com

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